Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Thought Become Things

Sponsoring Thought,
The Inner Critic, Success and Failure

There is such a thing as the thought behind the thought. This thought behind the thought is often hidden from us. It is the sponsoring thought from which the conscious thoughts arise. The sponsoring thought has a large effect on your life. It is responsible for much of the mysterious events that you end up calling unexpected good fortune, luck, and of course problems and disasters. Especially the recurring misfortunes that you just can't seem to explain. Just because you are not aware of your sponsoring thought does not mean it does not work in your life to create conditions and events around you.

Let us now journey into the secret world of the sponsoring thought and it's equally hidden counterpart the Inner Critic. At the end of this journey, you will have moved a step further towards understanding and creating success in your life.

In a sense, the sponsoring thought can also be called the disowned underlying belief system developed over the years as you faced various life situations and pivotal people in your life. Let us look at an example of a goal you may have and the sponsoring thought that brings up that goal. All sponsoring thoughts are of two natures only: love and fear. There is no other alternative. Depending on their nature, you definitely end up with very different results. They key, therefore, is to look at their nature and if it is fear based, transform that fear and then go for the goal if you still wish to go for it. You have to fix the foundation first if you wish to have a strong and stable building. The nature of the sponsoring thought is the foundation. Ok, let us begin.

1. Pick a goal that you have wished to accomplish.
For our example, we shall assume that you wish to buy a new BMW X5, those new four wheel drive BMWs. Nice, aren't they? You can pick any goal - it could be things you wish to get, people you wish to date, a health standard you wish to attain, a job task you wish to accomplish - anything. The process is the same.

2. Relax yourself totally and drop the mental noise that you usually have in your head.
Just relax.

3. Imagine yourself living your life after you have achieved your goals.
See yourself doing whatever you would do with your new BMW X5. Fantasize for a few minutes. Notice the attitude you would have, if it changes, the way you would talk to people about your new car, the differences it would make, and so on. Be honest.

4. You are now going to have a private conversation in your head.
You know that voice in your head that always criticizes you? Most people think the Inner Critic is an inseparable part of them. It is not. At birth you did not have it. It is that separate voice that says 'but you can't do that' or 'you are not dressed well for that' or 'what will they say when you do that', and so on. This Inner Critic has a mind of its own. It is built over the years as you face situations in your life that scared you or people that criticized you and made you feel worthless. Even minor events have a great effect - like being rejected buy a beautiful girl in school may have contributed greatly to your Inner Critic. The development and dimensions of our Inner Critics is too large a subject to cover in this article but all you need for now is to know that the critic started out as a way to protect you from getting into situations that you interpreted as threatening in the past, but it grows to completely take over your life and, in extreme cases, paralyze and depress a person. All inner critics come from a point of fear and feelings of low self-worth. Now, separate yourself from your Inner Critic and ask it this question: 'Why do you think I should have that BMW?' Listen to whatever answer comes back. Your mind will just answer you in that familiar voice that is always in your head. Don't block it. Drop your pride. No one else is listening.

5. At first, you will probably hear an answer that goes something like this:
'Well, it is a great car and you will enjoy it. Just get it because you love it.' For a very small minority of people on earth, this would be enough. These are the few people with hardly any remaining fear in them, all past cleared, and I must tell you that right now that number is probably less than 2% of our population. For these people, their sponsoring thought is simply a love for good cars and pleasurable driving, a love for a luxurious life. For the rest, another 'why' is needed. Ask your critic again. 'Don't you thing my present car is good enough for me? What do you think the new one will do for my image that you feel I really need fixed? Tell me honestly, where do you think I am screwing up that you feel this BMW will help me get better?' Ask your Inner Critic questions that deal with self-worth and fear issues.

6. The answer will probably come out more critical now, something like:
'Well, your present car is OK but you get no respect in that. And people in your job are driving better cars. They think you are not worth much. What else would they think? Have you noticed how they look at you? You have to make a statement and right now you are not making one. You look little. And what do you think your clients think of you?

7. Keep going:
'But why are you so afraid of me being laughed at and all that? What in the past did I do that has annoyed you so much that I have to meet these standards you are setting up for me?' The answer may come back as something like: 'Because ever since you were a child you embarrassed us with your performance and appearance. We felt belittled every time those kids in school ignored us because we did not fit. We were always the smaller side show. This has to stop. It cannot happen again...'

8. Ask:
'How would you feel if it happened again?'

What you are doing now is becoming conscious of your inner critic instead of being run by it. You then quiz it until you get to it's bottom line motivators. It is always a reaction to a fear that was built in your childhood by criticism from your parents, teachers, peers, or by an event that you judged important to you in which you feel you 'failed'. These situations and criticisms can leave a scar, making you feel unworthy and fearful. Over the years, your personality develops an Inner Critic that fights to ensure that you will not get into such a situation again. Unfortunately, the Inner Critic goes to far and builds even more fear on top of the original, all in an attempt to avoid the original situation. And because it influences your thoughts, it creates your life situations and conditions. We become what we think about. All creations that arise out of fear are doomed to fall apart sooner or later. And the creator of things from fear always lives in fear of loosing them. They bring no lasting comfort. They even cause addition, workaholism, and stress. Worst of all, because the fear has not been healed, it keeps bringing up recurring painful events and a person keeps asking 'why does this always seem to happen to me!'

The solution is to heal the original cause, to turn the sponsoring thought from fear into love. In summary, the way you heal is simply to do the opposite of what you have always been doing. You have been denying and hiding these dark sides of yourself all your life. They have been your disowned selves, your shadows. Bring them to the light now. Own them, embrace them, watch them objectively with a smile. They brought you certain gifts. See what they are. For example, a person who was ridiculed for laziness may have learnt how to be industrious simply to prove themselves. Now is the time to embrace your 'hated' lazy side and let it be. It gave you a desire to industry. Now let it teach you to relax. Embrace the shadow side. It is still you. Accept it and love it just as you love the light side. And in a process that you cannot explain in words, you will feel free, empowered and lighter! What you resist persists, what you bring to the light transforms and releases you. The process is actually done for you by your higher mind.

Once you are all clear, you can now see whether you still wish to pursue your goal. Sometimes you may find that you no longer find it meaningful. If you still wish to pursue it, you can now do it from a position of love and nothing will block you for you will no longer have fear-based past issues coming up to sabotage your progress.

For those of you who are skeptical about all this, here is a little scientific evidence. You must have heard that people use, on average, only 10% of their brain. Science has now discovered that DNA strands have 64 codes but only 20 or so are in use on average. Now here is the funny thing. When a person is in fear and stress, their brain usage actually falls and less of the DNA nodes open up for use. When coming from a point of love (meaning acceptance, joy, no stress, trusting in the loving and safe nature of the universe), their vibration rises and opens up more brainpower and DNA nodes. This is not too surprising when you consider the fact that a person's power (at work, in life, in health, etc) rises when they raise their knowledge and love and falls when they don't.

If you wish to learn more about the above processes and wealth consciousness, please contact us.

Article written by David Cameron Gikandi

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Loser's Secret For Success

An Ex-Loser's Secret For Success

Source: Business, May 30 1993 SUNDAY STAR

THESE Days motivational specialist are a dime a dozen. You can't throw a stone without it landing on someone claiming to have the keys to success, happiness and vast riches.
Bob Proctor and John Kanary, however, are the originals, beginning their work in the early sixties.

Proctor in particular has been extremely successful, worth earnings of excess of US$1 million (RM3.8 million) a year, and contracts with some of the largest corporations in the world, including in Malaysia, Prudential Insurance, AIA, and MAA.

Another distinguishing characteristic of these men is that they have an established relationship with Malaysia, opening a Kuala Lumpur office four years ago which serves as a centre for the entire South East Asian region. They also have a Johor office, and are planning to set up offices in Penang, Kuching and Sabah.

With this in mind, GREG BRUNDAGE met recently with Proctor, to find out a little about the man behind the success, how he got to where he is, and why he did it.

was in the late 1950's, a loser. After dropping out of high school and completing four years in the navy, he drifted from one job to another - bars, factories and other things of that nature.

" I wasn't the most ambitious employee so I had a lot of jobs, "
He says.
" Then one day, I was working in a firehall (fire station), and I met a man who saw something in me I obviously didn't see in myself, and he got me to stop and take a look at what I was doing - what I was doing with my life. I was going nowhere; I was going backwards. He suggested that I should change it. It had never entered my mind that I could. "

" He asked me what I knew about myself and I came to the conclusion after a few questions that I knew just about nothing about me.

" I've since come to the conclusion that most people don't know about themselves. You go right through the educational system and learn nothing about yourself. "

" He pointed out that if my car wasn't working, I would do something about it. So, if you're going to fix yourself , (you) better know I read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. "

Proctor went on to say that he found a secret in the book, and that was to write what you want to accomplish on a card and carry it in your pocket.
Then he says:
" I wasn't the happiest guy in town, or the healthiest, and I was in debt. I wasn't too interested in happiness or health, but I was interested in money."

"I went from earning about US$4,000 a year to earning US$175,000, and then I turn it into more than a million. "That's a phenomenal change and I couldn't account for what had happened. I had given the book to other people, and they didn't change.

"Earl Nightingale (another pioneer motivational speaker) in the 1950's of Chicago had read the book, condensed it and produced a record. I started to listen to the record. I thought maybe that's what did it. However, other people listened to the record and didn't change. So that couldn't have been it."


"Such a dramatic change had taken place in my life, that I thought, someone has to know what I've done, and they've either written a book or are talking about it. I did a lot of reading and attended a a lot of seminars and behavioral sciences, the mind and result-oriented programs."

Although I was picking up a lot of good information, I wasn't getting my answer. I was already successful, I just wanted to know why."

After searching for years, Proctor came to the conclusion that the educational system worldwide was lacking.

"I think a lot of people have come to the conclusion that a lot of what they are learning is just wrong. In the study that I have done, I found that all productive people are creative. Creative people are very intelligent but all intelligent people are not productive or creative. You can come out at the head of your class but do nothing with your life."

"That happens time and time again. As people, we almost defy the intellect. We give degrees and diplomas for what people can remember, not based on what they can do ...."

"I don't think there's a recession anywhere in the world. I think there is a transition going on. Large corporations are changing. They are demanding more creativity on every front. You see the walls coming down in the communist countries.

That's a symptom of something that runs much deeper. People want to live a fuller life. They want to utilizes their potential. Wherever
go, there are people who want to hear what we say and we've been getting pretty tremendous results."

"We teach very simple - I'm a simple guy, I'm not complicated - program. It took me years to figure out why I was so successful. That's really what we teach."

Asked what makes him different from other motivational speakers, Proctor said most motivational speakers work by getting audiences worked up emotionally.

His model, he says, is different in that it is an educational model. He focuses on people becoming aware of their real desires, goals and ambitions and teaching them systems to help them actualize those desires, goals and ambitions.

Monday, October 26, 2009

ALPHA Brain WAVES Technology - Part 3





There are many ways to go into this state of Alpha. We are choosing to go into Alpha by using the ALPHA BRAIN WAVES MUSIC. It is one of the easiest ways to enter the Alpha State because there is nothing that you have to do to go into Alpha. All you have to do is to play it in the background and you do not even have to listen to it consciously. So long as you have it playing gently in the background while you continue to do whatever it is that you are doing, in 15 minutes or less you will begin to experience its miraculous effects.

1. Sit or lie in a relaxed position and play the Alpha Brain Waves Music in the background. No specific rituals, positions, places or poses are required.

2. Take a few deep breaths. Take in a fast deep breath at a count of 2. Breathe in through your nose into your stomach. If unsure how, place your left hand on your navel. When you breathe in, your stomach should come out (imagine you are inflating a balloon in your stomach). Hold the breath at a count of 4. And breathe out slowly through your mouth at a count of 8. The stomach will naturally go in as your exhale. Repeat this 2-4-8 breathing pattern 3 times.

3. Focus on the music for a few minutes. Say your Affirmations (close your eyes if you have them memorized or open eyed if you need to look at them). Visualize your Goal with your eyes closed. If you fall asleep, which is most likely, as you are in a very relaxed state, its OK!

4. Whether you are doing work, studying, driving, going for an appointment, or need to induce sleep, calm yourself or control extreme emotional states, just leave it playing in the background as you go about doing whatever it is that you need to do. It has a natural effect on the mind and body.

5. The STRONGLY recommended times to play as background music are:

i. As you awaken in the morning and as you get ready for work – it will relax you, raise your energy level, stimulate your brain cells and create positive energy and mood.

ii. As a Sleep-Inducer and to program Goals while removing Mental Blocks. It also causes Natural Healing, detoxification and strengthens your immune system while you sleep. Just put it on and focus on the music, and drift off into a deep sound relaxing sleep.


To optimize the use of the Alpha Brain Wave music, below are some specific ways and times to play it.

1. Students while studying for exams or while doing homework and while studying late into the night.

2. Before an important appointment to calm down and be focused. When you feel fear, nervousness, tension, doubt, paranoia, before a presentation or speaking in public, or before seeing a client.

3. To internalize and program Goals into the Unconscious Mind during Affirmations and Visualization.

4. To remove Mental Blocks that prevent Goal Achievement or sabotage Success at the Unconscious level.

5. Calming effect to induce deep or restful sleep when brain wave activity is too high, or worried about daily problems. This state helps the mind to seek for solutions

6. When you need to work long hours with insufficient rest or sleep, or when you need a short Power Nap of 20 minutes with this music in the background. It energizes and speeds up cell replication.

7. Heal health problems naturally by strengthening the immune system and creates a conducive cell environment.

8. To control emotions when too emotional, or uncontrollable destructive emotional states.

9. Need to generate new and different original ideas. Promotes cell growth. Rejuvenates dying cells.

10. For purposes of Relaxation and Meditation. When stuck in traffic jams. (This is probably the only program of its kind that CAN be played while driving.



1. Mental and Physical Relaxation

2. Program your Mind for Massive Success

3. Achieve every Goal you set

4. Heighten your Meditation and Spiritual experiences

5. Build Intuition and Psychic Ability

6. Optimum Physical Health

7. Emotional strength and stability

8. Physical and Emotional Healing

9. Release Toxins, Stress and Fears

10. Enhanced Relationships

11. Build Brain Cells & increase your IQ while you sleep

12. Build a Super Power Memory

13. Create a Positive and Motivated Mindset

14. Cope with Rejections and Objections

15. Collapse Old Habits & build New Habits

16. Condition your Mind for Success

17. Detect and Connect with your Life Purpose