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9 ways 2 Essential

9 Ways to Make People Feel Essential
by Scott Ginsberg
Yes, making someone feel “important” and “valued” and “needed” is a HUGE part of being an approachable leader.

But that’s not enough.

If you truly want to win with people, you need to make them feel essential.

Here’s a list of ten practices to do so:

1. Three simple words.
“I appreciate you.” Not, “I appreciate that…” and not “I appreciate what you’ve…” No. “I appreciate YOU.” Small change, huge difference. My friend John always closes his emails with this phrase and it makes me feel like a million bucks, every time. Who do you appreciate?

2. Four simple words.
“I believe in you.” NOTE: This doesn’t work unless you look people straight in the eye. My friend Harlan says this to his students all the time, and they LOVE him because he believes in them. Who do you believe in?

3. Take notes.
Taking notes is proof. Taking notes keeps you mindful in the conversation. Taking notes honors someone’s thoughts. Taking notes is respectful. Taking notes increases someone’s self-esteem. Not to mention, if you don’t write it down, it never happened. Do you carry a notebook or jotter with you at all times?

4. Come back to notes.
At a later date, refer back to the notes you took while listening to somebody. If possible, physically show that person the notes you took. Explain how you’ve applied their ideas since originally writing them down. How are you reinforcing the size of your ears?

5. Tell people to write things down.
This practice takes note taking one step further. Next time someone says something powerful, instead of YOU jotting it down, tell HER to jot it down. It not only honors her thoughts; it gives her a chance to capture something valuable that she may not have recognized until you said something. How are you encouraging people’s inner poet?

6. Ask people to repeat things.
Not because you didn’t understand their point; but because their insight was powerful. This demonstrates your desire for clarity. It also gives them a chance to rephrase, repeat or re-tweak their original idea, making it as strong as possible. How do you ask for clarification?

7. Cheer people on.
The more cheerleaders people have, the easier it is for them to win. For example: Ever seen The Packers play a home game at Lambeau Field in December? Insane. Even if the opposing team wins, you KNOW their players were scared shitless the whole time. Are you that supportive of YOUR people?

8. Bring people joy.
If you concentrate on doing this at least three times a day, your life won’t just BE swell; it will swell with happiness and purpose. And so will the lives of the people you touch. Try playing the “Let’s See How Many People I Can Make Smile Today” game. How many people did you look in the eye and say thank you to yesterday?

9. Acknowledge everybody.
This one shouldn’t even be on my list. But, because not everybody practices this simple act of approachability, I’ve included it. So, slow down. Stay present. Hold your eye contact with everyone you encounter for one additional second. ONE second. That’s what Bill Clinton does. And see if you can acknowledge every single person you encounter for one day. It’s harder than you think. Then again, it all depends on what you see when you see people. How many coworkers did you go out of your way to avoid yesterday?

10. Remember people’s names.
Here’s another one that shouldn’t (have) to be on this list, but alas. So, here’s the plan. First, stop telling yourself you suck at remembering names. Next, go buy Remember Every Name Every Time by Ben Levy. Next, start asking people to remind you when you forget their name, as opposed to insultingly saying, “Yeah, um, what your name again?” Also, start silently quizzing yourself on people’s names as you walk into the room. And consider asking other people to help if you get stumped. Ultimately, if you actually commit yourself to doing a better job of remembering names, you will remember them. Come on. You know names hold the key. You know names are everything. Just do it. How many books have you read about remembering people’s names?


It’s a word that derives from the Latin essentia, which means, “essence.”


That’s what being an approachable leader is all about.

Honouring and loving and acknowledge the essence of another person.

How are you making people feel essential?

For the list called, "30 Ways to become the Most Interesting Person You Know," send an email to me, and I'll send you the list for free!

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Realistic --- S.M.A.R.T.E.R.

Acronym use to achieve your Goals

Today, I am concern on the letter, R = Realistic

S = pecific
M = easurable
A = chievable
R = ealistic
T = ime based

The above is highly logical, make use of our conscious mind, if you have challenges in achieving your goals or new year resolution.
May be you may consider this one!

The newer one; uses The Law of Attraction, as promote in the DVD "The Secret"
The " R " have the same meaning in both the acronym.

S = pecific
M = otivational
A = chievable
R = ealistic
T = ime based
E = cology
R = easons, lots of them, the more the easy and faster for you to realise it.

My learning when coaching my trainees, they have challenges on the letter, R = realistic, What is real or realistic!

So what is REAL or Realistic?

In this world, " 3 dimension " There are certain things within our control and many things beyond our control, that means we have no choice over them.

So goals that are realistic, means actions or choices within our control.

For Example:
My goal is to earn RM 1 million a month or more by 31st December 2009 is real or realistic.
My goal is make my friends earn RM 1 million a month or more by 31st December 2009 may not be real or realistic, unless they also want it!

Cool 0r Cool

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

ALPHA Brain WAVES Technology - Part 2



If any of the below are your issues, please; You can reach us at Butterworth, Penang.

1. Mental and Physical Relaxation

2. Program your Mind for Massive Success

3. Achieve every Goal you set

4. Heighten your Meditation and Spiritual experiences

5. Build Intuition and Psychic Ability

6. Optimum Physical Health

7. Emotional strength and stability

8. Physical and Emotional Healing

9. Release Toxins, Stress and Fears

10. Enhanced Relationships

11. Build Brain Cells & increase your IQ while you sleep

12. Build a Super Power Memory

13. Create a Positive and Motivated Mindset

14. Cope with Rejections and Objections

15. Collapse Old Habits & build New Habits

16. Condition your Mind for Success

17. Detect and Connect with your Life Purpose


Lets briefly look at a few of these reasons so that you understand why it is absolutely essential in our pursuit of Success.


At Alpha, the body naturally releases stress, anger, doubt, worries, fear, panic, paranoia, depression etc. This is because certain emotions can only exist at Alpha.

Anger, depression, sadness, pain etc., all of these negative emotions vibrate at a much higher frequency than Alpha. They vibrate at the frequency of Beta. Therefore when you are in the state of Alpha, you cannot experience the Beta emotions because they do not exist at the Alpha plane.

By going into Alpha you can only experience those emotions that vibrate at the Alpha frequency of 7 to 14 cycles per second.


7 seconds of a ‘pure thought’ at Alpha programs visualized images into the nucleus of the human cell. This simply means that it only takes 7 seconds of a ‘pure thought’ to program or reprogram any image or thought into the nucleus of the human cell so that our results can dramatically change.

That is what Visualization is really all about – deprogramming and reprogramming the nucleus of the human cell.

Imagine, all it takes is just 7 seconds of a ‘pure thought’! Pure Thoughts can only be attained and maintained in a state of Alpha.


Alpha energy is the most rhythmic and also the most powerful frequency that the brain emits. By being in Alpha, we are able to tap and use the sixth sense, because the Alpha energy is the most balanced and cyclic energy in existence.


Since the Earth vibrates at Alpha, upon entering into a state of Alpha, the brain attunes the earth’s intense field of energy. Because Mother Nature vibrates at 7 to 14 cycles per seconds, we get in tune and align with the forces of nature. Hence, we are able to go with the flow, rather than against the forces of nature.


The human body naturally relaxes, detoxifies and releases toxins by spending a minimum of 15 minutes a day at Alpha. This is because at Alpha, we naturally Mentally, Emotionally and Physically detoxify the body. This allows the body to naturally release all the pent up Mental, Emotional and Physical stress and tension in this state.


Alpha opens up the communication channel between the left and the right-brain hemispheres. This ideal condition allows one to Think with the right brain and Act with the left-brain in total harmony.

This is a left-brain world, so we got to Think right-brain and Act left-brain for optimum results. By being in Alpha, you will be able to Think right-brain, and Act left-brain.

At Alpha the bridge is built between the right-brain and the left-brain. Once there is an open communication between the Conscious Mind and the Unconscious Mind we are able to communicate consistently and congruently. This creates total rapport between the Conscious and the Unconscious Mind, which is absolutely essential for all Goal Achievement.


15 minutes a day at Alpha strengthens the immune system and creates a conducive environment for the growth of healthy cells.

Just by being exposed to Alpha Brain Waves for a minimum of 15 minutes a day affects your physical body. This strengthens your immune system, prevents diseases and cures illnesses because it makes the environment conducive for the growth of healthy cells in the human body. This prevents cells from mutating, enabling your body to heal much faster by causing the cells to replicate at a much faster rate than normal.


Human cells rejuvenate at least twice the normal rate when exposed to Alpha Brain Waves. A cell will rejuvenate much faster, from ten up to a hundred times; even up to a thousand times much faster by being continually exposed to Alpha Brain Waves over a period of time. This is because continued exposure to Alpha Brain Waves makes it conducive for the growth of healthy cells.


At Alpha the body heals its self naturally. By simply spending 15 minutes a day in a state of Alpha, the body rejuvenates itself. Since the cells replicate much faster, therefore the cells are replenished at a much faster rate than they are dying, enabling us to live a much healthier and longer life naturally.


At Alpha one can only help and can’t hurt others. In Beta one can either harm and hurt or help. ‘We prey on each other in Beta but we pray for each other in Alpha’.

When you are in Alpha, you can only think and experience those emotions that are consistent with those brain waves, and at Alpha those emotions are all positive and constructive. Therefore you can only help at Alpha, you cannot do harm at Alpha because those negative emotion do not exist at Alpha.

However, at Beta you cannot help or heal because those positive emotions do not exist at Beta. They are at Alpha.


Since all programming happens at the Cybernetic Level, only by going into Alpha can Deprogramming and Reprogramming take place.

All that we need to uninstall, remove, delete and to deprogram – all of them are in the Unconscious part of our Mind; in the Psycho-Cybernetic Mechanism.

However, you need a ‘password’ to have access to this Unconscious Mind, and to the Psycho-Cybernetic Mechanism. This ‘password’ is: Going into a State of Alpha.

Once we are in this Alpha State, we are able to access the Unconscious Mind and remove those programmings that work against us, and put in place new programs that will work for us instead.


Going into Alpha programs all Visualizations into the Unconscious Mind that brings forth manifestation. Installing of these programs and visualizations must happen at the Unconscious Mind because that is where these programs are stored. Therefore by going into the Unconscious Mind, we are able to do VAK Imagery (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic) which is a much more superior way of programming than merely Visualizing.


Affirmations are positive statements about yourself that you say to yourself at the Conscious level, but the programming of these Affirmations needs to be done at the Unconscious level.

Affirmations can be internalized into the Unconscious Mind when you are in the state of Alpha. Therefore by going into Alpha, you are not just merely doing Affirmations; but they become Alpha-Affirmations.

Simple Affirmations thus become powerful Alpha-Affirmations done in an Alpha state of mind by by-passing all Conscious thoughts.


All effective Goal programming happens at Alpha where the full extend of VAK is maximized. Programming or installing of Goals into the future of your Lifeline are more effective if done in the state of Alpha.

At Alpha, you are able to go beyond the physical (Conscious Mind) and communicate directly with your Unconscious Mind. As you think of your Goal, and if you can see, smell, hear, taste and touch it in your Mind, it becomes real for the Unconscious Mind. This is simply because the Unconscious Mind cannot tell the difference between Reality and Imagination.

Once an idea is presented to the Unconscious Mind, it can only accept and cannot reject it.


Alpha corresponds to the area of the brain that is associated with experiences from age 7 to 14. Since the mind cannot tell the difference between reality and an imagined thought, it thinks the information has been there for a long time. This is about one of the most powerful reasons why we will want to consciously go into this state of Alpha.

Let’s say, if you were to do a Visualization or Affirmation session to program a certain Goal, you would have to do it over and over again until it gets installed.

However, if you could go into this Alpha state, and let’s say, you are now vibrating at 10 cycles per second and then do your Alpha-Affirmations or your VAK Imagery, as far as your Unconscious Mind is concerned, the effect is the same as if you have been doing this Visualization and Affirmation since age 10.

Can you imagine how many millions of times it would amount to up to this date if you had been doing it continuously from age 10?

At Alpha, (10.5 cycles per second being the optimum) this is equivalent to programming the Visualized Goal millions of times even if you are just doing it once.


At Alpha, time is timeless, and space is spaceless, thus removing all physical constrains and limitations. Since there is no time and space at Alpha, you are now no longer bound by any physical restrains of the human body.

This allows you to go back into the past to remove any Mental Block that might stop you from achieving your Goal in the Present or in the Future. Conversely, you can go into the future and install any Goal into the future of your Lifeline.

If a Goal is installed into the future, it must by law manifest itself.


Alpha is the connecting bridge to Spirit, that spiritual dimension that deals with Thoughts.

The Law of Energy states that ‘Energy follows Thought’. The Mind becomes both a receiving and a transmitting station of Thoughts at Alpha. (Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, Chapter 12).

Since the Mind is both a receiving and a transmitting station, to activate this receiving and transmitting station, you need to operate at a frequency of between 7 to 14 cycles per second. This will enable you to send Energy of Love, Healing, Peace etc. At Alpha you are able to transmit Positive Thoughts to other people for the betterment of mankind and humanity. As a band-wave frequency, Alpha is a Healing Energy.


Alpha is where the human intelligence resides. By being in Alpha, you are able to access the Collective Consciousness of all of humanity. Here, all known knowledge since the beginning of time and all Thoughts that have ever been thought of, reside.

At Alpha you are able to tap into this Collective Consciousness, and all information and knowledge become known to you.


Since 76% of all ‘dis-ease’ is psychosomatic in nature; and is all rooted in Alpha. Going into Alpha brings to consciousness the root cause of these illnesses.

To permanently treat illnesses, we need to eliminate the root cause not the symptoms. By going into Alpha, we are able to trace the root cause and therefore change or rectify whatever it is that is causing these symptoms to appear. If you correct the Cause, then the symptoms show up positively, thereby removing whatever it is that is causing this ‘dis-ease’ to manifest in the body.


Last but not least, all great ideas that have impacted human civilization came about when man drifted into Alpha knowingly or unknowingly.

All great men have spoken about them going into this relaxed state where ideas came to them.

When Einstein was asked how he came about with the formula E=mc², he said, “I imagined it.” He went into sleep, and thus into the state of Alpha (may be unknowingly or unknown to him). He however knew, every time that he needed an answer, he simply had to relax and the answer would come to him, because he was going into the state of Alpha.

Edison is known to have two ball-bearings which he used each time he was faced with a challenge or he needed an answer. He would pose a question to his mind, hold the ball-bearings in his hand and take a short nap. Just as he was about to fall asleep, the ball bearings would slip from his hand and would cause a sound that would awaken him. He would quickly write down whatever answers that came to him. He is known to have said, “Each time that I’m about to go to sleep, I get the answer.” Of course he did not know that he was going into the state of Alpha or that it was his Unconscious Mind speaking to him.

When the ‘Origin of Species’ was being written, Charles Darwin said he remembers the exact point and time when the idea came to him. He said he was travelling in a horse cart, and had gone into a light sleep when this idea came to him. Of course he did not know that he was going into Alpha.

All great ideas come when you slip into this state of Alpha. At Alpha you connect with Collective Consciousness and operate from the Unconscious level of your Mind. There is no limit to the Unconscious Mind because it is the ‘God-like’ part of you.


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