Tuesday, April 14, 2009



Let’s discuss about lifeline because every single one of us has a lifeline. Your lifeline got started the moment you were born and as you went through life, ups and downs, for most people there are more downs than ups. Doesn’t really matter – that's the way life is!

And one day, we are all going to leave, we are all going to go. And if you join these 2 spots from the time you were born to the day you go, that's called a lifeline.

P = Past
B = Birth
MB = Mental Blocks
C = Conditioning
E = Emotion
F = Future
D = Death

R = Results
H = Health
H = Happiness
W= Wealth
S = Success

And every single one of us has a lifeline.

There are 3 very significant spots on this lifeline.
The first one is the past. Second is the present. And the third phase is the future. So the lifeline is divided into the past, the present and the future. And if you were to look at your life, the results in your life at the present moment, and if you were to look back in the last 5 years, looking back into the past, you might find that your life wasn’t as happy, as healthy, as wealthy, as successful as you possibly could be.

Now, I do not mean that you are not happy, healthy, wealthy, and successful at all. It implied that it could have been better. For most of us, it would have been better.

But then again, what had happened in the past is not important because it is the past. What happened the last 5 years is not important because it is history. Of course, it’s important for us to reflect on the past so that there are learning for the future but to live in the past would not change anything because it’s over, because it’s history.

And the next 5 years is also not as important, not really that important because the future is a mystery. Because none of us know whether we’ll still be around in 5 years.

So the past is history – not important. The future is mystery – not important. What is important is now, in the present moment. And it’s only in the present moment that we can make changes in our life.

The changes that we make in our life today, will be the constructed in the future of our life. The seeds that we plant today, we will harvest in the future. So if today we do not like the quality of our life, we do not like the results in our life, we could plant a brand new seed that in future we can harvest it.

We cannot get in the future what we do not plant now.

Whether you plant something by choice or by default, you are going to plant something. Whether you choose to set these goals or not by choice, they will be planted in your unconscious mind by default.

Maybe someone else will give them to you, maybe somebody will outsource them to you, maybe you will get caught up in the dream of someone else and helping somebody else achieve their dream because ultimately, it becomes your goal as well.

Not necessarily what you want. By choice or by default.

Because the mind is teleological. So the mind must always have a direction, have a coordinate, have a goal to pursue.

Teleological simply means target seeking – that the mind is target- seeking. The mind must always has a target to seek.

The mind must always have a goal to achieve. Now, if you do not by choice decide on a goal, the environment, circumstances, your company – by company here meaning the people around you – will decide that for you, and therefore, that becomes your target that you are unconsciously seeking, unconsciously trying to hit and you might not even know you’re going for that.

Because the mind, at any one time, must go towards achieving a goal. Whether it’s for good or bad, for construction, destruction; whether it’s for the betterment of human, mankind; whether it’s for the destruction of humanity. Doesn’t really matter. The mind must always go towards a goal because the mind is target seeking.

So we are trying today by choice to decide how we would like our future to look like. And we’re doing that by making some decisions today, by deciding what we would want in our life now so that it shows up in our future. And that's why we’re talking about the lifeline.

Because if you do not make changes today, your future will look just like the past. And if you are lucky, and if you are really, really, really lucky... your future will only be as bad as your past.

But most of us are not going to be so lucky, which means our future is going to be worse than our past if we don’t do something right now to make those changes. And the best way to make these changes in the future is by setting goals because goal is the seed that we plant for our future.