Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Goal Setting vs. Goal Achieving

Goal Setting vs. Goal Achieving

Goal setting vs. Goal manifesting.

Now, there is a whole lot of difference between goal setting and goal achieving or goal manifestation.

Goal setting is an intellectual exercise, where you sit down and write some goals. That is the WHAT. Just because you wrote some goals, there is no guarantee, or promise that you are going to achieve them because it is only an intellectual exercise.

On the other hand, goal achieving or goal manifestation is a lawful process.

“Is a lawful process”

Which mean the goal manifestation process works with the laws of the universe. “The universal laws”

Works with the power of God’s laws. Universal laws are always consistent. If someone else does something to achieve their goal, and if you were to do the same thing, you would achieve your goal – if you had the same goal.

Because the laws of the universe are always consistent.

So goal setting is a lawful process, which is a necessary step, which is choosing the WHAT whereas goal achieving is the lawful process, when we talk about the CLAIM. Because they are the 3Cs goal process, has 3 different segments which you need to complete because all goals, before they can manifest in the physical must happen at all 3 levels of creation. The first level is choosing the goal – the what. Next, we are going to do claiming the goal, which is the lawful process – the second level of creation.

The third session, you are going to connect with your goal. So it is Choose, Claim, Connect.

Connect is the how – what we need to do on a daily basis for you to connect and to achieve and to have in your hands the goal that you desire. So we are going to look at the entire process of achieving your goal. Claiming the goal. Connecting with your goal.

Because the goal process must happen at all 3 levels – in spirit, in the unconscious and the physical plane – all 3 levels.