Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Life to Lifestyles

Life to Lifestyles

Goals, G-O-A-L-S is the acronym for God’s Only Answer to LifeStyle. God’s Only Answer to LifeStyle. Now, what does that mean?

Dr. Dennis Kimbrow, who is the successor to Dr. Napoleon Hill, he taught us that the reason for achieving goals is so that we can move from life to lifestyle, and he defined life and lifestyle.

He said, Life is God’s gift to you. You and I never chose to be born but we are here nevertheless, and hence, it is a gift from God. So life is God’s gift to you. Style is what you make of it.

That is the definition of lifestyle. Life is God’s gift to you; style is what you make of it.


Goals is the vehicle that moves you from life to lifestyle.

Because there is great power in goals.

There are real power in goals. Now! I am going to give you 20 reasons why goals are important.

1. Goals give vision, optimism, hope and direction.
2. Goals give power to the spirit.
3. Goals make the impossible come true.
4. Goals move us easily from our limits.
5. Goals remind us of our potentials.
6. Goals help us turn our imagination into reality.
7. Goals offer us deep meaning to our life.
8. Goals are pictures of our desires.
9. Goals are concerned with both the present and the future.
10. Goals are affected by potential, not limits.
11. Goals get rid of our self-imposed limitations.
12. Goals are not limited by what we can or what we cannot do.
13. Goals are the starting point of a journey.
14. Goals can begin at childhood and refuse to go away.
15. Goals give purpose to everyday activity.
16. Goals exploit the kingdom within.
17. Goals are bigger than life.
18. Goals give purpose to life.
19. Goals are what we really want, not just what we think we can get.
20. Goal is the servant of the dream.

These are the 20 reasons why you would want to have goals.

I would like you to add on some other reasons which maybe your reasons, which maybe why you would want to set goals.