Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Psycho Cybernetics

Psycho Cybernetics

What psycho-cybernetic is, how it works, how it functions in human personality, how it helps us to achieve the goals that we want, and how it takes us towards the goals and the things we do not want.

So in a nutshell, psycho-cybernetic simply means... “psycho” means “mind”, “cybernetic” means “steersman”. Which means there is someone in the unconscious recesses of your mind who steers your life in a certain direction. Your life is steered by the psycho-cybernetic mechanism in the direction of the goal that you have set because the goal that you set becomes the course, becomes the target, becomes the set point in which the steersman will direct your life, arriving on spot on that point.

Because once the target is set, YOU by law, must arrive at the target. Once a goal is set, because the mind being teleological and because of the psycho-cybernetic mechanism, it must by law arrive at that goal. No matter what. Sooner or later.

Now, these goals that we set, if they are not programmed, they are not set in this part of the mind we call the psycho-cybernetic mechanism, if it is not programmed in the psycho-cybernetic mechanism, then the steersman cannot take charge of this target to move towards this goals.

For a goal to be programmed, installed in the psycho- cybernetic mechanism, we need to access the unconscious mind so we can have your goal installed in to the psycho-cybernetic.

How you can install that into the unconscious part of the mind, into the psycho-cybernetic so that the steersman takes over and he overwrites.

Once it’s overwrite, then nobody can stop the psycho-cybernetic mechanism from achieving that goal, taking you into the direction of that goal.

If that's what you want, then it is good for you. If that is not what you want, then it is too bad because you cannot fight the psycho-cybernetic mechanism.

Because the steersman now defines in which direction you go in life.