Sunday, April 19, 2009

8 Areas of Life

1. Spiritual life.
Spiritual life is about the goals about your spiritual life. It does not necessarily has to do with religion but it could include religion as well if you like. Some people may say, I'm a free thinker. I do not believe in structured religion, in institutionalised religion.

Well, that's fine. You must believe in something about the spiritual world. You may have philosophy; you may have some guiding principles. There may be some greater power that you look up to. There is something that you hold to be sacred or something. Or maybe just the universe. Whatever it is, that is greater power to you, your higher self, universal consciousness – whatever it is – that could be your spirituality. That could be your spiritual life.

On the other hand, if you want to talk about religion per se, then it would be about your religion. Either way it’s fine. You may want to write down some of the things you are doing, what you do extra. You may want to write about you going to church or going to temple, synagogue, mosque. How regularly, how many times a week. Maybe you want to read the scriptures, at what time each day. How many times a week. The days, the hours, for how long. There are some extra courses you would like to take to understand your religion better.

You want to do meditation. You want to go to the hills, forest or mountains to meditate and find the master. Or you may want to spend some time sitting in your place of worship. Or you may just want to go and clean the toilets and bathrooms at your place of worship and that to you is part of your spiritual world. That is fine. You may want to practice humility so that... or tolerance as part of your spiritual goals, then that would be the goals.

2. Mental and intellectual life.
Mental and intellectual simply means whatever you want to input into your mind so that it would show up in your life. Things like reading books, attending seminars, listening to teleseminars, Webinars that input into your conscious mind, into your unconscious mind as well for the growth of your mental and intellectual life.

So it could be like observing a time of silence. That is going into the mental state. Or doing something to build your brain cells. Or maybe watching something that is stimulating to your mind. Doing something, an intellectual conversation. Meeting with friends and doing things that are of intellectual growth for you.

Listening to a CD. Whatever it is that can enhance the growth of your mental strength.

Maybe going into a state of relaxation helps you to strengthen your mind. Maybe helps you to reformat your mind when you listen to things like when go into a state of alpha. Anything that is for the enhancement of your mental or intellectual growth. That would fall into that area.

3. Emotional life.
There are certain emotions that you want, there are certain emotions you no longer want in your life. That would be what you put there. Emotions here could also means certain values, certain principles, a characteristic traits. Maybe you want to be more courageous, more happy. You no longer want to be pressured in life, so what is the opposite of depression – that's what you put in your life.

Certain things that you want, certain things that you do not want. That is what you put there. Anything that's got to do with the emotional state of mind. Peace of mind. Calmness. Silence. Happiness. Positivity. Whatever it is that is emotional.

Maybe you want to get rid of guilt, resentment, anger, sadness, shame, pain. All these are emotional states of mind. You want to remove them.

4. Physical.
Physical has to do with your external and internal, about your diet, about exercise, about rest, about foods that you do take and do not take. Water. Breathing correctly. Anything... external – you want to take care of your skin, of your hair, of your face. You want to put something on so that it prevents you from getting sunburn or whatever it is. So anything that is external as well as internal.

Maybe you want to look cool and frenzy. Maybe you want to do deep breathing to cleanse your internal organs. Whatever it is. Maybe you want to have enough anti-oxidant so that your body has got stronger immune system. Whatever it is. So internal and external. That's physical.

You want to go to the gym and build muscles. Maybe you want to tone them. Maybe you want to do aerobics. Maybe sports. Physical activities. Swimming. Whatever it is. So those will be physical.

5. Career.
Career means whatever it is that you do, whatever you work. Maybe you want to do, take some extra night classes. Maybe you want to take advanced courses. Maybe you want to move from a degree to do a Ph.D., do a masters. Whatever it is. Whether it’s technical or industry-related examinations or maybe they are academic – furthering education. Whatever it is. The skills that will help you do your work better.

Maybe you want to get the next promotion. Maybe you want to get a bonus. Maybe you want to move on to a better job, to a dream job. So anything that has got to do with your job. With your career. Whatever it is that you do.

Maybe you want to become better, having more skills and knowledge at what you do. Maybe you want to have a right mindset so that you can do better at your career. So anything that has got to do with your career.

6. Financial life.
Financial life has got to do with your investment, with your money. Having enough life insurance. How much savings, investments. Maybe stocks and bonds. Maybe land, property. Whatever it is. Whether you want to buy a car, planes and aeroplanes. Whatever it is. Anything that's got to do with your financial life.

Maybe you want to travel all over the world. Maybe you want to buy a house in every major city in the world. Whatever it is. You want to buy a yacht. So anything that has to do with financial is under financial life, which is different from your career life.

7. Family.
How would you like your family to be like? What goals do you want to set? What kind of sons, daughters, father, mother, child you would want to be in the family? What kind of family would you want? Immediate family.

Maybe you want to write down the goals of what... let’s say you’re a father. Write down the goal. What kind of father do you want to be? What are some of the roles that you play? Certain roles that you play – a father, mother, son, daughter, grandparent, grandchild. Whatever it is. So whatever it is that you’re a member of the family, define the role first, and then write down some goals for all of these roles.

For example, as a father, my goal as a father, my role as a father, my goal is to be able to teach my son to become... to hold values of integrity. To be patriotic to the nation. To always believe in people. Whatever it is. So these maybe some of the goals that I would want to set for myself so that I can fulfill that role.

What kind of family do you want? The one that you have. The one that you are creating. Maybe you want to write a mission statement for your family. Maybe a... maybe you want to write down goals for your family – maybe all family members sit together and at the beginning of the year write down a family goal.

“ We write down goals for organisations, we write down targets for organisations, we write down goals for every member of your organisation. “

We could do the same for the family. You could have family statement. You could have a family logo. You could have a family flag for all you care. And we could have family guiding principles. We could have family house rules that we all equally agree upon. We could have extended rules by which we all live ourselves up to. So that could be a family... a constitution for the family.

You could set goals for every family member. If every family member sets a goal to become a better family member, then we can help them achieve that so we can all become better family because the family institution is the most important institution for anything else to happen. Because it’s the core of all institutions.

From the family institution we got the community, we got society, we got nation, we got the ________ the man. The core is the family institution. Why are we having problems in the world? Because we have not sorted out at the core, which is the family institution.

Very important.

8. Community and social.
Community and social, throughout our years of doing; at this areas of life, we found that more... younger people have more social goals; older people have more community goals.

Social goals are like kids, youngsters planning to go for a party, for a function, for a concert, which is more social outing. And these things are more of what they do to enjoy themselves to have a good time.

Community goals, on the other hand, are more what we are giving back to the community. Helping the community. And what happens as you grow older, we become more aware that we need to give. That we need to give back to the community, and therefore, we become more aware that we have a moral, not necessarily a legal obligation, but a moral obligation, to give back to community.

To serve.

Because we then realise than life is about serving. Life is about giving back. Life is about helping. Because the core of life is to serve to the brotherhood of man.

Service is the rent you pay to occupy this space on earth
Dr. Dennis Kimbrow, the successor to the great Dr. Napoleon Hill

Today we realise that life takes on a different role.
Service is the rent we pay to occupy this space on earth. If you do not serve, then you are not paying rent for the day. You are eating somebody’s food, drinking somebody’s water, standing on somebody’s ground, breathing somebody’s air, and not paying the rent.

How do you pay the rent? By serving.

How do you serve? By getting involved in community work.

To pay back to the community. Not necessarily in financial form. Could be time, could be energy, could be ideas, could be just showing up when somebody needs help in the community – for emotional support. That will be good.

So these are the 8 areas of life and you have a little bit more clarity now. Therefore, I suppose you will be able to write more goals and this is what I would like you to do for the rest of the week.

I would like to thank you for giving us this opportunity to serve you yet again and I look forward to seeing you So I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to serve you. By allowing us to serve you, you have served us. For that, we are forever grateful. Have a wonderful 2009. I know it’s going to be a great year for you because you are writing your goals down. That makes you 3% of the population on the planet who have written down goals.

For that I applaud you, for starting 2009 with a different stroke. For that, let’s together make this happen in this great year so that whatever external environment no longer affects us because everything is in the power of our hands. We make the decision and the power makes the provision.

Together anything can happen because you and I, you and God, are a majority.

Till we meet again.