Sunday, April 19, 2009

My 25 Lifetime Goals

What are lifetime goals?

Lifetime goals are goals that are 10 years and beyond. Anything that you want to achieve; 10 years and beyond from today. So they are called lifetime goals.

Lifetime goals are goals that you want to achieve before you go. Before you leave this planet, before you die. And sometimes these lifetime goals can only be achieved at a certain time in your life, for example, one of your lifetime goals may be “I want to celebrate my 80th birthday in Acapulco” – and that can only happen when you’re 80. You may say, “I want to get remarried again on the 50th wedding anniversary” – that can only happen 50 years after you’re married. You may be 75, 78 years old then.

Certain goals can only happen at certain point in time.

For example, you say, “I want to have 16 grandchildren”. Now, it will take a while for that 16 to happen. First of all, you need to get married, your kids need to get married and have kids. So that takes time, it doesn’t happen overnight.

I suppose one of the greatest lifetime goals that anyone can write is about how you would want the last moments on earth be. How would you like them to be like? What will be happening? What would you want to happen just before you leave this planet? That would be one of the greatest goals.

If you sat down just before you go with all this planes, trains and airplanes around you, all the money in the world and yet not a single family member is there, no close friends, you’d be sitting there, and ask yourself, “What was life all about? I spent all my life accumulating these planes, trains and airplanes, becoming somebody, all the money in the world, but in this moment in time, all of them means nothing.
I will give anything in the world for my family to be here with me now, at this moment in time. Close to my loved ones.”

On the other hand, if you were to go and ... the things that are most meaningful to you, closest to your heart are there for you to experience the last days, the last moments of your life, then you truly would have lived your life with purpose. The destiny you want to go. So define how would you want the last moments of your life to be. So that probably is the ultimate lifetime goal.

“ The End is in the Beginning”
“ Start with the end in mind”

So I would like you to write the list of 25 lifetime goals. start with 10, start with 5. Some of these lifetime goals may not come to you instantly. It may come to you as you go along. You may see someone achieving something and you thing, “Aha, I’d like to achieve that!”. Or you may... something that comes to you as a result of what you see, what you hear, what you experience, and you may want to add them on from time to time – that’s fine. And of course, your list of 25 lifetime goals need not just necessarily be 25. They can be 250 for a lifetime, but at least have a minimal of 25 lifetime goals.
And of course, lifetime goal is 10 years and beyond.

Let’s say a goal that is 15 years from today. In 15 years, that lifetime goal would no longer be a lifetime goal, it would be a short term goal. That's right. As you move closer and closer towards these lifetime goals, many of them from your lifetime goals are going to become your long-term goals, and some of long-term goals are going to become mid-term goals, some of the mid-term goals are going to become short- term goals, and therefore, you keep adding more goals.

And for your information, how you define short-term, mid-term, long-term – I'm going to show it to you in a short while about these periods of time so that we can decide which are your short-term, which are your mid-term, which are your long-term. And I will show you why you need to do that.

I would like to thank you for giving us this opportunity to serve you yet again and I look forward to seeing you So I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to serve you. By allowing us to serve you, you have served us. For that, we are forever grateful. Have a wonderful 2009. I know it’s going to be a great year for you because you are writing your goals down.

That makes you 3% of the population on the planet who have written down goals.

For that I applaud you, for starting 2009 with a different stroke. For that, let’s together make this happen in this great year so that whatever external environment no longer affects us because everything is in the power of our hands. We make the decision and the power makes the provision.

Together anything can happen because you and I, you and God, are a majority.