Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Honed & Heavy Axe

Have you ever come across this statistic?

=> Statistics show that up to 95% of businesses fail within the first 5 years, and of those survive, 95% of them fail in the next 5 years.
Does it look scary? Why? Why is the number so huge? Where is the failure rate so high? Do you know why the failure rate for businesses is so high?

Because it's unlike driving. Well if you want to drive, you need to have a drivers' license? If you want one, what did you have to go through in order for you to earn the right to go on the road?

You need to pass a driving test (theory as well as practical). First, you had to go through the theory and practical courses. Until you become proficient, then you go through a driving test and they will give you a drivers' license.

Now, if the Government decided to change this rule and say every single one of you, you can drive on the road. It doesn't matter whether you have a drivers' license or not, you can just drive any vehicle you want on the road. What will happen then?

There will be a lot of accidents and tragic deaths being reported all over in the news. Once you hear about a lot of accidents and tragic deaths, you will begin to think that driving is Dangerous!

But that is exactly what is going on in the business world!

In legal terms, in order for you to start a business, do you need to go through learning first? NO! Anyone (any Tom, Dick & Harry) can register a company, as long as you're of legal age. You don't need to go through any learning to start a business. That is why there are so many accidents.

Does that make sense so far?
But now, if we were to change the law, and now every single one of you, need to go through an approved entrepreneur program, where you learn

- How To Shift From An Employee Mindset To An Entrepreneur Mindset?
- How To See Things Differently (Victor mindset)?
- How To Spot And Seize Good Opportunities?
- How To Start and operate an profitable Business?
- How To Build A Teamwork?
- and so on...

If you had to go through all these learning, and they give you a certificate/diploma,
What do you think? Will this number drop dramatically?

What we want to share with you is this:
There is an inverse correlation between Education and Risk. The more education you have in one particular area, the less risky it is for you.

For example, do you think business is risky?
Consider this!
For example Warren Buffet (the world richest) - do you think the stock market is his game?
He's very educated in equities, so for him, his risk is low.

So, anything you get educated about is less risky.

The world is our playground.
The ME I see is the ME I will be!