Sunday, December 28, 2008

7 Wealth Processes

7 Wealth Conditioning Processes
This I learn when I attend the 3-days Seminar, Millionaire Mind Intensive, in Kuala Lumpur 2008 by T. Harv Ekar

Perkongsian Ikhlas:

" ... anda tidak rugi untuk mencuba, tetapi, ... Anda TERAMAT RUGI jika tidak mahu MENCUBA ..."
"Setiap KEJAYAAN Bermula Dari Satu IMPIAN"
"Jangan Berkata TIDAK sebelum berkata YA"
"KEJAYAAN ditentukan oleh TINDAKAN bukan BERFIKIR"


1. Clarity of Intention:
The number one reason most people don't get what they want is that they don't know what thay want.

Clarity leads to power. It is important that you know your financial objective; how much money or income you are going for.

By doing so, you activate your "GPS", which will then attract and alert you to opportunities which are in alignment with your intention.

Feeling & Emotion to strengthen it.

2. Purpose for Money:
Another important principle of manifestation is knowing "WHY" you want something. The reason most people don't have lots of money is they have no massively important reason to have it.

Be Specific.

3. Visualization:
It's been said that the unconscious cannot distinguish the difference between imagination ans reality. Therefore the objective is to create the "reality" of what you want in your mind and allow our "GPS" to manifest it into our lives.
it's important to add all the 5 senses into your "picture". If nothing is there, create something to touch, feel etc..

4. Belief
Belief in value.

Most people don't feel they deserve SUCCESS because they don't fully in the product or service they are offering or don't feel it is of high value. Worse if they don't even belief in themselves, they have low self esteem.

If this is the case for YOU, either change products, services or jobs or change your perspective. In order to receive, you must feel you are giving, (give More in use value than the money you receive), Therefore, it is important to specify and express the benefits (add value to people).

I [my products/services/job] help people be more confident, more successful, more family time, more conscious and more joyous in their lives.

5. References
References as to your ability and deserved-ness.
The object is to declare the reasons why you truly believe you can be and deserve to be rich.

The reasons I can be and deserve to be wealthy are ...
I add value to peoples' lives ---- the more people you add value, the more wealthy you will be!
I am Persistent
I am Creative
I work smart ---- I work harder on myself than on my work!

6. Act
Act in spite of ...
Attitude of persistent, and unconditional ACTION will move you quickly towards your financial life.

Little voices [especially the -ve ones, are just some of the mental blocks from achieving your goals. This wealth conditioning value of acting in spite of FEAR, discomfort, uncertainty or "I am not in the mood", will build courage, confidence and self esteem, and create momentum. Every time you act in spite of your feelings of FEAR, WORRY & DOUBT, you reinforce your habit.

Do something you normally would not do!

Simply notice [be aware of] your non-supportive "mind chatter" [ little voices] and the feeling that may go with it, but recognize that they have no power to stop you.

Simply say "Thank you for sharing".

7. Attitude of Gratitude

The purpose is for your unconscious mind to understand that you are already "wealthy" . Since Like attracts Like, more success will come to your way.

Plus, by having an attitude of gratitude, you'll feel you are a happier person!
If possible;
Describing "WHY" adds importance & impact!
Describing " How you feel" adds emotion, in which will strengthen the conditioning process.

Our mind (Human Mind) think in pictures!

"Setiap KEJAYAAN Bermula Dari Satu IMPIAN"