Wednesday, May 6, 2009



What that means is simple - Stickman gives you a method of learning how to apply certain simple LAWS (Like The Law of Attraction) and RULES based upon a correlation of SCIENCE and THEOLOGY that ultimately will show you how to use the experiences of your life, both past and present, to shape and mould your FUTURE to whatever is your heart's desire.

If you are interested in IMMEDIATELY making changes to your life that will enhance this wonderful journey, then please contact us.
AN EXACT HEALING SCIENCE which simply explains and demonstrates with the use of KNOWN LAWS that we can change no thing, no thought or action without first CHANGING ONE'S CONCEPT.

The study and application of a UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLE of biology, theology, health, death, immortality, and all other philosophies and sciences pertaining to the human personality.

It is a science of the cause of dis-ease (Happiness, Health, Wealth & Success) whether the cause be from physical, mental or spiritual planes of being; and, the science and art of removing the cause of dis-ease (Happiness, Health, Wealth & Success) by means of physical, mental and spiritual methods;

and the teaching of the NATURAL LAWS which govern the Body, Mind and Soul.