Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hello 2009 Byebye 2008

Happy Noo... Year to YOU!

This is your year! Yes - it's time for YOU!
Life is going to be Divine in 2009.
YOU just watch and see ....
2008 is history .... and 2009 still a mystery!

The beginning of a new year is always a great time to reflect on where you are in life.

To ask yourself a couple of questions,
"Am I where I really want to be"?
"Am I doing what I really want to be doing"?
"What can I do to get myself on track; to have a true daily purpose"?

It is a great time to set some new goals: however, it is also a time where people give up early!

When setting goals:
We need to be passionate about them;
We need to believe in ourselves, and
Our ability to manifest them;
We need to be able to visualise them actually happening;
We also need to write them down as if we are already achieving them!
I am living my life on purpose;
I am ready for perfect health, wealth and wisdom to flow into my life with ease and joy; and I know and feel that I am worthy of receiving the best in life!

S. M. A. R. T. E. R.

Please note that I have spoken about feeling ready and deserving! Why?

There are three main keys in unlocking the door to creating anything!
Firstly: we must feel ready for whatever it is we are desiring;
Secondly: we must feel deserving (worthy) of receiving same; and,
Thirdly: we must visualise and feel the results as if they are already with us, and constantly re-affirm to ourselves that they are happening .... NOW!

In going through this process, do your best to make your desires stronger and more persistent than the excuses or bad habits which may try to sabotage you and your results! Do your best to recognise and minimise those obstacles, which may present themselves as saboteurs!

And ....
Do your best to avoid letting all of this slip behind into the busy---ness of life as the year progresses; and therefore do your best to stay on track and achieve what you deserve to achieve!

Remember this: A positive attitude may not directly change your circumstances, but it will change the way you respond to your circumstances!

E + R = O
Where; E = Event, R = Respond, O = Outcome.

Positive people are much more likely than are negative people to turn their ideas into positive behaviour. Positive behaviour, in turn, does change circumstances, and usually for the better.

To grab hold of a problem and rise above it, first grab hold of a positive thought!

Some ways to challenge yourself this year ....

This year is my year - it is time for me!
I don't want to conform or comply or feel obligated - I am just being myself!
I am teaching myself (and others) to take risks - rather than living in fear!
I am learning the simplicity of enjoying every breath - because without them I'm stuffed!
I have an attitude of gratitude for the simple things I have - like my ability to see!
I am learning to be a walking talking lesson to others - because I'm teaching by example!

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