Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Peacock in your business

Put a Peacock in your business!

P. E. A. C. O. C. K.

P = Passion
"Your Passion will be Your Compass"

Why do the world's richest and most successful people keep on working?

Warren Buffet's net worth runs in thousands of billions, and even spending $100 million a year, it would take him hundreds of years to finish off just the principle sum.

The same goes for people like, Bill Gates, Micheal Dell, Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey, Anthony Robbins, Bob Proctors, Lee Kar Seng, Lim Kim Yew and many others. Yet they still work most days of the week, in fact, I am certain if you do follow them around for just a day, you will be exhausted by how hard and long they work.

There's only one logical answer: PASSION
Passion is the fuel that keep us going no matter what adversity we encounter, what obstacles come in our path on the road of success. It is what drives us on to take those few steps, even our bodies are exhausted. It is the one secret shared by all great achievers.

Passion is an absolute necessity if you want to truly great, it is not something you can put on and off when the need arises. It is simply a burning fire that burns inside you, something you will find difficult to hide from those you come into contact. it is infectious, and it will attract like-minded people to you.

I believe my greatest strength is my passion for whatever I do. I may not be the most eloquent nor the most knowledge person, but I am certainly convincing and persuasive when it comes to my area of passion.

Make certain you have a passion for what you’re doing.
• Your belief system drives your success results. Establish belief in your company, your products and services, and yourself. Most important, believe that your customer is better off having purchased from you.
• Attitude and enthusiasm are at the core of your thought process and expression. Your attitude either attracts or repels – and the best part of that is: you control it.
• Love who you are. Loving yourself makes your self-confidence shine – and becomes a dominant factor in the decision-making process.

E = Energy & Enthusiasm

A = Articulate

Articulate simply means to be fluent and clear in speech. It seems pretty easy to achieve for anyone. In fact, it probably may appear rather superfluous. But believe it or not, they may have great knowledge and experience and are highly qualified in their area, but unfortunately they are simply not articulate when it comes to conveying the message to their customers or clients.

Good articulation is a skill that is easily learned, unlike its higher relative eloquence, which may take a little more time and effort.

Practice, practice & practice!

That will help you on your journey of continuous improvement and growth.

C = Caring
"People don't care how much you know until they know how much your care."
---- unknown

O = Optimistic

Now is the time of the Optimist. Optimistic executives get promoted faster and sooner, Optimistic people are happier, give a high moral, they have stronger immune systems, make more money are more attractive. Life is stacked in their favour.

C = Consistent

Consistent in service & delivery is more important than quality! Look at those Franchise food outlet, example MacDonald, KFC, their fried chickens or burgers are not the best but doing great business. Others could prepare a better ones, but have little or lesser crowd.

It about consistency that people are draws towards them.

K = Knowledge

The more we know, the more we want to know; when we know enough, we know how much we don't know.
----- Carol Orlock

"To know and not to do, is not yet to know."
----- Roger Hamilton

If they are not even aware what is out there nor take trouble to update themselves by reading books or other means, I seriously question their ability to service their customers or clients.

This may sound harsh, I truly believe good entrepreneur must absolutely be hungry to learn, especially about matters relating to their field or industry.

These are elements you need to set you up to be a good entrepreneur:
Passion to share,
Lots of energy and enthusiasm,
Good articulation,
Caring for others,
Great Optimism,
Consistency and reliability, and
Knowledge in your area you have chosen.

Developing your NICHE:
I have learned long time ago not to be a generalist, generalist only in operation of your business, a specialise in a particular area if you want to be remembered as respected in your field or industry.

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