Saturday, January 3, 2009

MIND Warrior

The Three Mind Rules

Everything is Neutral [RAW] until I show up!

[With relation to Outside World]

Rule 1
Nothing has any meaning, except those that I GIVE!

Rule 2
The World is not the way it is, it is the way I AM!

Rule 3
I either live Up to or Down to my definitions.
I can never out perform my definitions!

There are also Three Filters, namely, Delete, Distort & Generalize.
They are control by the 6 mental Muscle [6mm] located in the Conscious Mind [Logical Mind]. Before allow into the Unconscious Mind [Heart of heart], in normal situations, in awake state.

But you can bypass this state, or situation manually and/or automatically! You can assess directly.

From Seminars on 6th & 7th March 2009
10 Crazy ways to find solutions:

Combat Zone Vs Comfort Zone:

How our mind works: [Learning]
Conscious Mind!
Unconscious Mind!

Law to Attraction:

Learning Cycle:

Life-Line Programing:
Where; P = Pass, N = Now [present], F = Future.

Now [present], is the the moment you are aware that you need some changes, because the results you have or achieve is not to your requirements.
Process of information:

Path become Highway:
When something [may not be truth] say many and long enought it become the truth!

People with problem tends to group together, and always on recruitment for more people with problems.

Who am I?
1. We are made Energy!
Energy management --- Emotions
--- Thoughts

2. Connections!
a. Self --- Conscious mind with Unconscious Mind
b. Others --- Unconscious Mind other Unconscious Mind [Law of Attraction & Law of Vibration]
c. LP ---
d. Universe --- Uni-verse